Ways To Minimize Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

If you’re freaked out by the World Health Organization’s announcement that cell phones are possibly carcinogenic to humans, you should know that there are measures you can take to minimize your exposure to radiation without abandoning your beloved electronic leash.

CNN offers some tips for keep some distance between your and your phone, including:

*Use a wired earpiece. You don’t have to press the phone up against your head to talk. Just attach an earpiece and keep your phone, say, on your desk as you blather away.

*Don’t talk on the move. When you talk while driving, your phone can emit more radiation because it’s working harder to connect to a continually changing series of towers. By staying put, you can limit the energy your phone outputs.

*Text rather than talk. If you need to tell a friend to say, “meet me at the store,” tapping out a text is quicker than making a phone call, waiting for your friend to pick up and leaving a voice mail. Carrying on long conversations via text, however, defeats the purpose.

If you’re concerned about cell phone radiation, what do you do to keep your distance?

6 tips for minimizing cell phone radiation [CNN]

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