Here's Why You Shouldn't Carry A Large Balance In Your Skype Account

Some strange things happened to Rob’s Skype account recently, Scammers drained his account balance and tried to steal money from his credit card, too. While his credit card remained untouched, and his account is now secure, he’d still like that stolen balance back. Skype is awfully sorry, but he’s not going to get that money back.

A few months back, my Skype account was compromised, resulting in calls being placed to a few locations in the middle east – locations well outside my normal calling map – and an attempt made to drain more funds from my linked credit card. I reported the incident to Skype (along with the FBI, for different reasons) and went about re-securing my account. Nothing outside the funds in my Skype account were stolen.

Skype’s response has left a lot to be desired. In brief, through a number of exchanges, the message is, “Thanks for the report. We won’t do anything about your money.” No dispute process, no method to have my funds returned.

Thank you for your reply.

We understand your concern regarding your account that has been compromised recently. We’d be glad to explain some things further.

We apologise but unfortunately, Skype is unable to refund any money that may have been lost because of this incident. However, rest assured that through investigation will be conducted regarding this matter and we will take further action about this incident.

Once again please accept our sincerest apologies, and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

I was not a big user of Skype paid services, and certainly have no interest in using them going forward. Perhaps their pending acquisition by Redmond will shift their attitude for the better? It’s interesting to think of a Microsoft purchase helping to improve a company’s attention to and care for its customers.

Has any common user had success in drawing a bit of care from Skype?

In our experience: not really. Skype blog entries used to have employees’ Skype IDs, but those are no longer posted. Gosh, I wonder why?

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