Personal Finance Roundup

Ready to Retire? Here’s a Five-Year Pre-Retirement Plan. [Wall Street Journal] “We have compiled a checklist of things to do and consider over a five-year timeline before this crucial date.”

How fear can ruin your retirement [MSN Money] “A new study indicates recent or soon-to-be retirees have serious money worries, but they can take steps to assuage those concerns and improve their financial situation.”

Indexing Works [Financial Planning] “Many investors think active managers can shift out of stocks in time to stem losses in bear markets. Not true.”

Million Dollar Homes Across America 2011 [Yahoo Finance] “We checked in with cities across America to find out about their million-dollar dwellings.”

4 Health Myths That Drain Your Wallet [US News] “Here are four health myths that could cause you to overspend.”