TransUnion Wants You To Share Your Credit Score On Facebook

Social media may have created a culture of over-sharing, but what’s too personal to share with your Facebook friends? Michael was checking his credit report, and was surprised to see a “Share on Facebook” button directly below his credit score.

He writes:

Since I’m one of the fortunate individuals to have a Sony PSN account I decided to once again check up on my credit report. My credit report has been locked since well before the hack but I still get paranoid and don’t rely on e-mail alerts. I’ve had an account with TransUnion for several years and aside from the annoying offers when I log in, I’ve been very happy with the service.

I logged in today and realized that beneath the large numbers representing my latest credit score was a “Share on Facebook” button. I don’t know what it would actually share The placement implies it would share my credit score though it may just signal to friends that I use TransUnion. Regardless, I wasn’t going to test it and I can’t imagine why anyone would link a Facebook account to personal credit information or services.


Would you share your credit score with your friends?