Report: Hackers Can Use Internet Explorer Security Hole To Steal Your Cookies

According to an Italian internet security expert, all versions of Internet Explorer suffer from a flaw that could give up your private account access to hackers. Criminals can potentially break into any of your web sessions to steal cookies that grant them access to your Facebook, Gmail and Twitter accounts, among others.

Network World reports the expert demonstrated the exploit at a conference in Amsterdam, saying it can be used on any website, although the flaw makes Facebook, Gmail and Twitter particularly vulnerable.

To allow the hack to work, the victim must first drag and drop an object within the browser. The expert says a hacker can make this happen by creating a mechanism such as a Facebook game that encourages the behavior. The researcher told Microsoft about the exploit in January, and the company believed it fixed the problem with the March release of Internet Explorer 9. The expert, though, found a way to use a modified version of the hack in that version of the browser.

IE Flaw Could Allow Hackers Access to your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter Accounts [Network World]

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