Personal Finance Roundup

How to Get 55% More Rewards with Your Chase Freedom Credit Card [Free Money Finance] “This [strategy] effectively makes the card a 3.1% cash back card — which is great in almost anyone’s book!”

What to Look for When Researching Your Potential Boss [US News] “You can learn a lot about [your potential supervisor]l by scouring their online profiles and company website.”

5 Tips to Save on Summer Camp [MoneyTalksNews] “The first step is to get your kids involved as early in the process as possible.”

Money Lessons for Every High-School Graduate [Wall Street Journal] “Here are five things every high-school graduate should try to remember.”

Allowances: ‘Welfare’ for kids? [MSN Money] “When children feel they’re entitled to parental payouts, teaching the value of a work ethic becomes even more important.”


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