What To Keep In Mind When Merging Accounts With A Significant Other

Intimate relationships have a way of disarming even for those who are fiercely independent with their finances, and that intimacy can lead to the logistical horror that is merging bank accounts and credit cards.

A Kiplinger story provides a how-to guide on how to pull off the merger with minimal annoyance, helping you choose the best eggs to break in order to form your financial omelette.

The story recommends first getting the ugly, dirty secrets out of the way, such as sharing credit scores and debt. Clearing the air upfront can be key in deciding whether or not to merge accounts before you buy a house or vehicle together. If one person has great credit and the other is a financial mess, it usually makes more sense to keep things separate until after the better-qualified person secures the loan.

If you’ve merged accounts with someone, how did you make sure things went smoothly?

Newlyweds: How to Blend Your Finances [Kiplinger]
(Thanks, Laura!)

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