Nestle Zaps Lil' Drums With Rare Grocery Growth Ray

We are humbled and delighted to report that our previous report that Nestle’s Lil’ Drums frozen dairy-like dessert products has shrunk from ten cones per package to twelve was inaccurate. Nestle reached out to Consumerist and shared the amazing news that our tipster spotted the packages in the wrong order: the number of Lil’ Drums in a package is actually increasing, from ten to twelve.

Jen from Nestle’s PR department wrote:

Happy Friday – hope this email finds you well. Yesterday you had a post
about Lil’ Drums Ice Cream Cones, a reader sent in a note about how they
went from 12 ct. to 10 ct., but it’s actually the opposite.
Drumstick Lil’ Drums are switching from 10 ct. to 12 ct., and the new boxes
started hitting shelves on April 1st.



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