Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Successful Enough To Open Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

It’s Friday and we’re getting a little exhausted after a week of sour news, so here’s a small success story to get us through the afternoon.

If you’re starting a business in an already glutted market, a good name is a great place to start, but it will only get you so far.

When the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck started rolling through the streets of NYC two years ago, some worried that the novelty of the rolling dessert oasis’ name would only give the truck a few months before it was consigned to the dustbin of ice cream history.

But luckily for the truck’s two owners, even as the name became less of an attention-grabber, their desserts continued to draw a crowd. So after logging thousands of miles and gaining over 16,000 Twitter followers, the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck has spawned the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop.

Set to open in this June in Manhattan’s E. Village, the shop will allow the Big Gay crew to stay open longer, offer a wider variety of treats and sell merchandise they didn’t have room to store on the truck.

“Ultimately our goal is to have our own homemade product line available for sale in the store,” one of the owners tells Serious Eats, “including hard packed ice creams and sundae toppings.”

Who knows, maybe someday you’ll be picking up a pint of Big Gay Ice Cream at your local Safeway. That is, unless the South Park guys get greedy and try to sue.

Big Gay Ice Cream Will Open East Village Space Mid-June []

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