T-Mobile Adds Free WiFi Calling

T-Mobile just announced that WiFi calling is now gratis, reports GigaOm. That means that when T-Mobile customers make calls over WiFi networks and don’t use the cellular network, they are completely free. It’s a pretty nifty way to save money on your cellphone bill, so expect it to be yet another feature that gets dropped if AT&T gobbles up Big Magenta.

MobileBeat says, “AT&T has made it clear that it will consolidate its network with T-Mobile’s over time, which means Wi-Fi calling and other cool aspects of T-Mobile’s network — including its cheap $15 tethering and plans for ultra-fast HSPA+ speeds — will get killed off.”

Consolidation ain’t innovation.

On T-Mobile, All Wi-Fi Calls Are Free [GigaOm] (Thanks to Grant!)

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