Install Netflix On Nearly Any Android Device

A Netflix app finally came out last week for Android, but due to the complications of the plethora of devices running Android, it only came out for a few of them. Netflix says they’ll slowly but surely roll out the app to other devices, but if you don’t feel like waiting you can do a little cellphone hackery and get it on your phone now.

It involves getting root access to your phone so you’ll want to make sure to back it up first as you could end up totally bricking your phone. Once you’re over that hump, you can get to downloading the application file directly and installing it on your phone. This Reddit Android community forum has instructions on how to do it.

Hey, one of the main selling points they use for Android devices is how you can tinker with them and make them do your bidding…

How To Install Netflix On Most Android Devices []

Netflix Releases App For Some Android Devices

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