Korean Air Bars Cancer Patient From Flight For Looking Frail

As if suffering from Stage-4 cancer isn’t crappy enough, cancer patient Crystal Kim was denied from flying on a Korean Air flight from Seattle to Seoul, South Korea over the weekend because the carrier thought she looked “too frail.” Incidentally, she had approval from two doctors and a note clearing her to fly.

Korean Air spokesperson Penny Pfaelzer said they thought she might not be up for the flight, reports MSNBC, and had arranged a hotel for Crystal and her daughter Mimi while they waited for authorization. She added that fellow travelers would be “traumatized” if a passenger were to die en route.

“I wanted to take my mom there for Mother’s Day,” said Mimi of their disrupted travel plans.

On Monday they returned to the doctor to get another note, which cleared her again. However Korea Air wasn’t satisfied and left Seattle without the Kims.

Delta Air Lines has stepped in and said they’d fly the mother and daughter to South Korea on Wednesday.

Cancer patient denied seat on flight [MSNBC]

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