Senator Proposes "No-Ride List" For Amtrak

Apparently the only way for a terrorist to plant a bomb on any of the thousands and thousands miles of completely unsecured railroad track in this country is to actually be a passenger on a train — specifically an Amtrak train. Thus, Senator Chuck Schumer of NY has figured out a way to keep our entire rail system safe: A “no-ride list.”

This is an idea that has been batted around since the “no-fly list” was first created for the airlines, but Schumer brought it up again over the weekend after the recent raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan reportedly dug up discussions of a potential attack on U.S. railways.

“Circumstances demand we make adjustments by increasing funding to enhance rail safety and monitoring on commuter rail transit and screening who gets on Amtrak passenger trains, so that we can provide a greater level of security to the public,” said Chuck about his plans, which also includes more money for beefing up security at stations and track inspections.

Sen. Schumer proposes “no-ride list” for Amtrak trains [Reuters]

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