Popeyes Franchise Goes Bust, Leaves Behind Stinky Fly-Filled Building

The former operators of a Popeyes chicken joint in Brooklyn have managed to anger an entire neighborhood. After the restaurant went bust, the franchisee apparently decided to leave a mess than can be smelled for miles around.

“It smells like a dead animal has been in there a while,” an employee of a neighboring store tells the NY Daily News, which took photographs of the fly-filled restaurant — and overflowing trash cans and dumpster — after hearing about the problem.

“I can smell it when I’m sitting inside my office, almost a block away,” another nearby businessman tells the paper.

A rep for the fried chicken chain confirmed that the franchise’s owner has gone bankrupt but added everyone’s favorite phrase, “[W]e take this matter seriously and are cooperating and working diligently with appropriate individuals to resolve the complaints.”

However, it would seem like one of those appropriate individuals is not the building’s actual owner. A lawyer for the landlord told the Daily News, “I better call my client… You’re the first one notifying me of this.”

Have any of you ever had to deal with the smelly fallout of an abandoned restaurant? Share your horror stories in the comments.

You want flies with that? Closed Popeyes fast food joint leaves disgusting mark on East New York [NY Daily News]

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