Bosch Replaces Malfunctioning Washer, Breaks Up Matching Set

The good news: after seven months of repair attempts, Sylvia was able to get Bosch to replace her washing machine. The bad news: she paid big bucks for a matching washer and dryer set not too long ago, and the new washer on its way doesn’t match the perfectly-working dryer at all. Is she being unreasonable to want a warranty replacement that is part of the pretty matched set she paid for?

I’ve been going around and around with Bosch regarding a warranty issue with the matching Bosch washer and dryer set we paid almost $2000 for. Our first warranty claim was September 2010. The problem was that the locking mechanism for the washer would not work reliably. Sometimes it would prevent us from starting a load, while other times it would hold our clothes hostage at the end of a load by refusing to open. the problem is ongoing and has only gotten worse over time, despite numerous attempts to repair it by factory servicemen.

Now, 7 months after the initial claim, Bosch is giving up on the repair and will replace the washer. However, they only have a completely different model that doesn’t match our Bosch dryer cosmetically OR in dimensions (it’s slightly taller). We have told them this is unacceptable. We bought a matching set. We want a working matching set – whether our current one or a new washer AND dryer that match. We didn’t pay almost $2000 for 7 months of aggravation and unmatched appliances at the end.

What happened to Bosch’s reputation for quality and service? Is it a myth?

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