8 Simple, Everyday Ways To Get A Brain Bleed

Want to experience a rupturing brain aneurysm, leading to a stroke? Well, according to a new study, there are 8 easy, everyday ways to bring a bleed to your brain, and they’re all tried to a sharp increase in blood pressure.

What causes a brain aneurysm ( abnormal blood-filled bulges — which can show up in a CT scan) to go from symptomless to ruptured and bleeding? There has been a lot of speculation, but “new research from the Netherlands, published Thursday, offers some insight into how certain everyday activities and emotional states, such as having sex, drinking caffeinated drinks and being startled can increase the likelihood of an aneurysm erupting,” says ABCNews.

A rupture occurs when a section of brain artery becomes weakened, resulting in stroke or hemorrhaging. It fairly rare to have an aneurysm rupture, however. ABC says 2-5% of Americans have a brain aneurysm but only a small portion will lead to a stroke. Of those, only half will die. But what causes the rupture?

Here are the 8 everyday activities that the new research suggests could cause a bleed. (You might not want to read on if you’re paranoid, because there’s no way you’re going to stop doing all of these things…):

Your Daily Coffee
Vigorous Exercise
Drinking Soda
Sex And Masturbation
Being Shocked or Startled
Getting Angry or Hysterical
Blowing Your Nose

and last, but not least…

Straining on the Toilet

So the moral here is this — eat your fiber and remain calm. Also, we should note that the article points out that the long term benefits of physical activity far outweigh the risk of a rupture in most cases.

And if you do have a brain bleed, there is one possible upside… some people wake up with a sexy new accent.

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