Chase Ends $4 And $5 ATM Fee Tests… For Now

After nearly two months, Chase has finally stopped charging exorbitant ATM fees to non-customers in Illinois and Texas. But that doesn’t mean the fees won’t be back soon.

Earlier this year, Chase began testing $5 fees to non-Chase ATM users in Illinois and $4 fees in Texas. The move is in response to recent and pending legislation that has cut into the bank’s billions in annual profits.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the bank will now go back to charging $3 fees to non-customers in both states. However, there is no word on whether or not this test proved successful enough for the bank — with around 16,000 ATMs nationwide — to bring the fees back in these two states and the remaining areas served by Chase.

Chase scuttles test of $5 ATM fee in Illinois [Chicago Breaking Business]

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