Pop-Up Bookstore To Temporarily Take Over Empty Borders Store

Like a hermit crab taking up residence in the shell of a deceased snail, a former Borders store in Pittsburgh will soon see its shelves lined with books — if only temporarily — when it briefly becomes the home of an independent bookseller.

Starting May 7, all 24,000 sq. ft. of the former Borders in Pittsburgh’s East Liberty section will be home to a pop-up store operated by a project called Fleeting Pages, which intends to use the space to sell independently published books, host writing workshops, readings and other events.

“We felt that it was long enough to test some theories, and to make it worth giving up the rest of our lives for eleven weeks,” says Fleeting Pages’ Jodi Morrison in a statement to Consumerist. “I have always had a fascination with space, art, culture and economics.”

The Fleeting Pages have calculated that, in order to not take a complete bath on the venture, they will need to send around 6,000 books before the pop-up store goes poof! on June 3.

If you’re in the Pittsburgh area and feel like checking it out, there is plenty of info on the Fleeting Pages site.

Last week, we wrote about the author in New York City who had opened his own bookstore to sell one, and only one, book… his own.

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