Learn All About For-Profit Education: For Free

We often post here about the problems with for-profit higher education: high-pressure recruitment, unrealistic job placement expectations, and huge debt loads. If you know anyone considering enrolling at a for-profit school, this infographic from Campus Progress synthesizes quotes from people involved in the industry, statistics, and facts in an easy-to-digest cartoon form.


To see the rest, go to Campus Progress.

Jobless College Grad Sues To Get Tuition Back, Misspells “Tuition”
Sued College Ain’t Exactly Harvard
More Unemployed Alumni Sue Their College
U.S. Department Of Education Cracking Down On For-Profit Colleges
More Everest College Grads Sue Over Non-Transferable Credits
Federal Student Aid To For-Profit Schools Has Tripled In Recent Years
Where People Pay $30k A Year To Make $10 An Hour
Washington Wants Better Oversight Of For-Profit Colleges
For-Profit Colleges Caught On Video Encouraging Financial Aid Fraud
Only 9% Of Students At For-Profit Colleges Graduate Within 6 Years

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