Facebook-Suing Twins Appeal The Appeal They Lost

The twin former Harvard classmates of Facebook CEO/president Mark Zuckerberg, who contend he stole their idea for the site, refuse to give up their quest to procure more than what they got in a previous settlement. Even after a U.S. appeals court judge denied their argument and pointedly told them to give up the case, the twins’ lawyers asked a special 11-judge panel to take a look at their appeal.

Fox News reports the lawyers got a bit snippy in responding to the appeals court judge who advised the twins to give up. The lawyers wrote:

“Whether Appellants would be better off financially keeping the proceeds of the settlement rather than rescinding and proceeding with their lawsuit against Facebook is a personal judgment for them — not an appellate court — to make.”

The twins believe they were shortchanged because Facebook was incorrectly valued in a 2008 settlement, which was then worth $65 million.

Again? Winklevoss Twins Appeal in Legal Feud With Facebook [Fox News]

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