California AG Asks Judge To Throw Tax Lady Roni Deutch In Jail

Last summer, the California Attorney General filed a $34 million lawsuit against daytime TV mainstay “Tax Lady” Roni Deutch, alleging that her firm defrauded customers out of millions each year. Now, the AG’s office has asked that Deutch be thrown in jail for allegedly destroying important documents and for not refunding money to customers.

The Attorney General has accused Deutch of destroying upward of 2.7 million pages of records pertaining to the current lawsuit. Additionally, she was ordered to pay $435,000 in customer refunds by January, but chose to pay to other creditors, including family, friends, a NASCAR racing team and a casino.

“Deutch showed herself to be a predator for profit, preying on innocent, hard-working people who were simply hoping to settle their accounts with the IRS,” Said AG Kamala Harris. “By defrauding these victims, and then pleading poverty, she created a real danger that her clients will never receive their advance fees back.”

The Tax Lady is being charged with defrauding customers by demanding large upfront fees to help people with huge tax debts and then not making good on her advertised promises.

“Tax Lady” Roni Deutch has problems of her own [Reuters]

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