How To Save On Medical Care For Your Pet

There have been amazing advances in veterinary care in the last few decades, and amazing advances in cost along with them. An animal’s serious illness can cost thousands of dollars, more out of pocket than their owner’s medical treatment. (Well, assuming that the owner has health insurance.) Routine vaccinations and preventive care aren’t cheap, either. The New York Times recently offered some advice for people who love their pets, but don’t have a fortune to spend.

Tips include:

  • Taking advantage of spay/neuter and vaccine clinics offered by animal shelters
  • Evaluating vaccines: some may not be necessary depending on where your pet lives and romps.
  • Looking for the cheapest option for routine medications such as flea/tick and heartworm prevention drugs. Interestingly, due to coupons and rebates, the cheapest option can sometimes be your vet’s office.
  • Consider health insurance: or save what you would have spent on premiums in an emergency care fund.

Containing the Costs of Pet Care [NY Times] (Thanks, Howard!)

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