How Can I Prepare In Advance In Case My Flights Are Canceled?

Mrgrammarperson has an upcoming airline trip planned, and he’s nervous that one of his flights will be canceled and throw his entire travel itinerary off. He asks the seasoned travelers of the Consumerist Hive Mind: what should he do if his flights are canceled to reach his destination on time?

I’ve got a flight upcoming and wonder what I can do to maximize my chances of success.

I’m flying on a Saturday on United Express from Akron, Ohio, (CAK), to Knoxville, Tenn., (TYS), via Chicago, (ORD), leaving CAK at 6 a.m.; leaving ORD at 9 a.m. after a layover of nearly three hours.

If the original CAK to ORD or ORD to TYS flights are cancelled, there are other flights on United or other carriers that will get me to Knoxville for my 40th high school reunion at 6 p.m. If all else fails, it’s only 500 miles and 8 hours to drive from Akron.

If a flight is cancelled or seriously delayed, what can I say or do to get on another flight to reach my destination in time? With all the stresses of traveling today, I doubt I’ll live to see my 50th reunion.

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