SnackWell's Ups Snack Pack Calorie Count From 100 To 150

SnackWell’s, the nonfat low-cal line of snack food introduced in 1992 but hasn’t advertised in the past five years, is increasing the size of some of its new snack-packs higher than the previously holy 100 calorie level. Some new varieties, like the “fudge drizzled caramel popcorn” are 130 calories. Pouches of Fudge Crème Brownie Bites tip the scales at 150 calories. A benchmark has been breached, people.

The “portion-controlled” packages are supposed to be a way for consumers to indulge without going overboard. But 19 years later, 100 calories just aren’t gonna cut it to satisfy the modern consumer’s tongue. America, if you want a measure of how fat and addicted to calories we’ve become, this is a pretty good one. Even our portion-controlled snack food has become supersized.

SnackWell’s Nudges Up the Portion Pack [NYT]

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