Apple iPhone 5: See You in September

It’s another day, so another rumor on the release date for the Apple iPhone 5 must be around. The latest scuttlebutt: Consumers anxious for Apple’s latest and greatest smart phone will have their cravings satisfied in September.

Reuters is reporting today, based on information from “three people with direct knowledge” of Apple’s need for iPhone parts, that the next-gen smart phone will surface just as the kiddies are going back to school in the U.S. Production on the new iPhone 5–which will look the same as an iPhone 4, but with a faster processor–will supposedly start in July or August.

Earlier rumors from market analysts and other undisclosed sources in Apple’s supply chain speculated that Apple would only announce its iPhone 5 in the fall. But not surprisingly, mum is still the official word from both Apple and the Chinese companies involved with the iPhone’s construction.

Apple to ship new iPhone in September: sources [Reuters]