Airline Gives Kung Fu Training To New Cabin Crew Members

While the TSA keeps rolling out ineffective new scanning and groping techniques to keep our airplanes safe from bottles of water and shampoo, the folks at Hong Kong Airlines have gone an extra step, requiring all new cabin crew members to undergo martial arts training.

A rep for the airline tells the South China Morning Post that the training in wing chun, a form of kung fu that uses short, sharp movements ideal for close quarters, is being offered to all employees but is mandatory for cabin crew staff.

“Wing chun can be used in small, confined spaces so it’s suited for an airplane,” one of the trainers responsible for instructing the Hong Kong Airlines crew told the paper. “It’s easy to learn but difficult to master.”

The airline says that its cabin crews face an average of three disruptive passengers a week.

One trainee flight attendant tells the Morning Post that she was skeptical at first but has come to see the point of being taught wing chun. “You cannot predict what will happen on the plane, so wing chun is good because it’s so fast,” she said. “I feel safer because I can defend myself and I’m really happy to be one of the first cabin crew to learn wing chun in the world.”

Kung fu training proves a big hit with cabin crew members []

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