White House Pushes Secure Online Identity System

In an effort to develop something of a uniform standard for identifying online users, the White House announced plans for the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC). Companies that opt in to guiding the program will aim to allow people to use a single secure verification mechanism to access a number of different services. For example, your ID could potentially allow you access to email, online shopping and social networking sites.

PC Magazine reports the verification tool could be a smart card, smartphone app or password generator, among other possibilities.

Wary that the program could be seen as having Big Brother implications, the White House said the system will be driven by the private sector, and no one will be required to procure an ID.

Would you be interested in receiving a single online ID? Why or why not?

White House Unveils Plan for Secure Online IDs [PC Magazine via Engadget]

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