Help Us Out With Questions For FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz

Tomorrow, Consumerist Executive Editor Meghann Marco will be sitting down for a chat with Jon Leibowitz, chair of the Federal Trade Commission. And after the two are done discussing the NBA playoffs, they’ll get around to more relevant issues. That’s where we’re seeking your guidance.

The conversation, which will ultimately end up on this-here site, will mostly be focusing scams and identity theft, including tips for consumers on how to avoid them and how to alert the FTC and other agencies about scammers.

The FTC recently published its list of the top 10 consumer complaints in 2010 and ID theft topped that list by a huge margin, with complaints about debt collection trailing in the number-two spot. So if you have questions on these — or any of the other topics on the list — please let us know and we’ll do our best to cover as much ground as possible.

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