Personal Finance Roundup

When to Say No to a Job [US News] “Here are a few tell-tale warning signs about a potential job.”

Bargains on the First 4 Semesters [NY Times] “Six of the most important things you need to think about if you’re trying to save money [by attending community college the first two years of school].”

Retirement planning for you and your spouse [CNN Money] “Forging a joint plan now will give you a better shot at a retirement that will make you both happy.”

Frugal to a Fault? 6 Dumb Money ‘Saving’ Mistakes [Money Watch] “Here are some more common financial traps when we aim to be too frugal.”

5 ways restaurants get you to spend [MSN Money] “These tactics can bust your dining-out budget while lining the pockets of food service companies.”