U.S. Airways CEO: My Airline Is The Only Viable Candidate For Merger

Doug Parker, CEO of U.S. Airways Group Inc., has a secret. He says he there is one big airline merger left and he knows it could involve a certain airline out there, but guess what it’s his own and that is how he knows it could happen.

The Associated Press,via Philly.com, says Parker discussed U.S. Airways potential to go with the urge to merge at a company media event on Wednesday. He runs the fifth-biggest airline in America and says his is the last major one left.

Parker made sure to fluff up U.S. Airways’ ego by being like, listen, United, Delta or American — you could buy Alaska Airlines or JetBlue Airways Corp., but those are just little fish! We’re the big fish! Or like, we could keep on as a stand-alone airline. Whatevs. Paraphrasing, here.

There’s been a lot of wooing and merging going on lately, as Delta bought Northwest in 2008 and then United and Continental combined into United Continental Holdings Inc. in 2010. Most recently, Southwest Airlines made clear its intentions to buy AirTrain this year.

U.S. Airways knows all about coming together, as it was the product of a merger in 2005 with America West.

This feels like a case of always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Stay sassy and single, U.S. Airways! Maybe they’re just not that into you, no need to act all desperate.

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