Police Pepper Spray Unruly 8 Year Old At School

Someday kids in Lakewood, Colo. will become crotchety old men who complain about how kids have it easy, saying “Why, in my day, police used to come and pepper spray second graders if they got out of line.”

According to 9 News Colorado, police caused some controversy in February by subduing an 8-year-old second grader via the non-lethal yet possibly harmful weapon.

Police say the kid was shouting profanities, climbing school equipment, spitting and pulling wood trim off of walls to try to stab teachers.

The school district’s superintendent defended the officers’ actions:

“He was violent, he was verbal, he was abusive. The police were very thoughtful and thorough about the actions that they took.”

In an interview Monday, the boy said he “kinda deserved it.”

Due to mental health concerns, the boy was transferred to a school for kids with behavioral problems.

School official defends cops who pepper-sprayed boy [9 News Colorado via AOL]

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