Surviving And Thriving As A Long-Distance Landlord

Being a landlord can be a dream, with an easy stream of income with little ongoing effort required, but the career can also be a nightmare of repair bills and troubling tenants.

In his ongoing series Life as a Landlord, Jesse at PF Firewall examines his ups and downs of renting out property in Florida while living in Utah. An always entertaining and illuminating read, Jesse discusses how he got started, common problems he faces, and in a recent post, dealing with tenants who haven’t paid their rent.

An excerpt:

The tenants were telling the management company that they were just having financial trouble and would get things straightened out as soon as possible, but for us, being several thousand miles away and unable to even really talk to the tenants, this wasn’t good news.

Months were slipping away and we would get a few hundred here and a few there, a trickle of the rent payment and it was really starting to hurt on our end. The management company was telling me that the tenants wouldn’t return calls or answer the door when visited. This looked bad and the word eviction started to surface from my contact at the management company.

If you have landlord experience, how did the role work out for you?

Life As A Landlord – Where Is The Rent?! [PF Firewall]

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