Study Finds Prostate Cancer Test Doesn't Lower Risk Of Death

In a study that will no doubt draw sighs of relief from middle-aged men nervous about going in for prostate cancer screenings, researchers concluded undergoing certain tests for the cancer doesn’t lower the risk of death in patients.

The AP reports the 20-year study of Swedish men found no difference in prostate cancer deaths between those who were screened for the cancer via Prostate Specific Antigen tests and those who were not.

The researchers believe more effective tests and treatment are needed, and men should be aware of the pros and cons of screenings before undergoing them.

PSA blood tests detect high levels of an antigen present in those with cancer, and must be confirmed with biopsies. According to the story, the standard treatment battery of surgery, radiation and hormone therapy can have harmful side effects, while many tumors grow so slowly they don’t threaten the patients’ lives.

Prostate cancer test doesn’t cut death risk, longest study finds [AP via MSNBC]

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