Time Warner Cable Has A Problem With Worst Company In America: We Used Their Old Logo

Someone at Time Warner Cable has a great sense of humor — or perhaps none at all — about being in this year’s Worst Company In America tournament. A rep for the company wrote to take issue, not about its inclusion, but with our use of an outdated logo.

From the e-mail sent to Consumerist:

I work at Time Warner Cable and we have recently within the past 6 months refreshed our brand identity/logos and in the brackets on the Worst Company in America our old logo is being used. Is there any way that it can be updated to use our new logo? I have attached two colors of the new logo for you to pick, we’re happy with either one.

We’d like to offer a sincere apology to Time Warner Cable for this error. Unfortunately, it’s too late to update the graphic on the company’s first-round battle against Facebook, but we’ll definitely be using the new TWC logo for its appearance in the Sweet 16.

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