Worst Company In America Sweet 16: Ticketmaster Vs. Sony

We were going to buy tickets to this Sweet 16 battle, but Ticketmaster tried to charge us twice the face value for printing the tickets at home. And then we looked into watching the online stream, except our computer won’t work properly since Sony’s copy-protection software exposed it to malware.

In Round One of WCIA 2011, Ticketmaster slaughtered PayPal, with nearly 80% of the vote. Could the fee fiend be gunning for a second year in the Worst Company championship death match?

Meanwhile Sony showed renewed strength in its victory over Dell. Does the underdog have what it takes to pull off an upset of this magnitude, or is Sony just more fodder for the Ticketmaster mill?

This poll is now closed. Congrats to Ticketmaster for moving on to the Elite 8!

*Bank of America vs. DirecTV
*Delta vs. Walmart
*Ticketmaster vs. Sony
*Capital One vs. JP Morgan Chase
*BP vs. Time Warner Cable

*WellPoint vs. Johnson & Johnson (noon ET, April 1)
*Comcast vs. Best Buy (noon ET, April 4)
*AT&T vs. Apple (noon ET, April 5)

*Bank Of America Vs. Citi
*Dish Network Vs. DirecTV
*United/Continental Vs. Delta
*Walmart Vs. Gamestop
*Tickemaster Vs. PayPal
*Sony Vs. Dell
*Capital One Vs. American Express
*Wells Fargo Vs. Chase
*Toyota Vs. BP
*Time Warner Cable Vs. Facebook
*United Health Vs. Wellpoint
*CVS Vs. Johnson & Johnson
*Comcast Vs. Charter
*RadioShack Vs. Best Buy
*AT&T Vs. Verizon
*Apple Vs. Microsoft

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