Think Twice Before Using Dryer Sheets In Your Own Dryer

That crisp, fresh smell on your laundry and lack of static cling provided by dryer sheets apparently comes at a price. Many online sources, including a Snopes message board, are filled with authorities who say dryer sheets can clog your lint filter, potentially creating a fire hazard.

A comment from on the Snopes board explains:

Do dryer softener sheets hurt the dryer?

Yes and no. Dryer softener sheets don’t harm the dryer. However, their residue may cause the screen of the lint filter to become partially clogged or the electronic moisture sensor to be coated with residue. If this happens, clean the screen with a little detergent and a soft-bristle brush, wipe off the sensor with a cotton ball and a little rubbing alcohol.

Sometimes the softener sheets get stuck in the lint filter or over the vents on the inside of the dryer, so check to be sure the sheets come out of the dryer with the load of clothes.

Have you found that dryer sheets clog your lint filter? What do you use as an alternative?

Dryer sheets and lint traps [Snopes]

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