No One Said Verizon FiOS Pricing Schemes Had To Make Sense

James would like some fast Internet tubes running to his house. Faster than the regular access that Verizon sells to consumers. He’s willing to pay more for the privilege, but frustrated that it would actually cost less to have two separate lines run into his house and use a load-balancing router than to have a single line that’s twice as fast.

That’s practically Target math.


If you can’t read the image, he summarized the situation:

(Best TV + Best Phone + 35/35 internet) = $115/month (really good deal, as it’s all bundled)

(Best TV + Best Phone) + 50/20 internet = $250/month (sucks since only the TV and phone are bundled)

(Best TV + Best Phone + 35/35 internet) X 2 = $230/month

I really want that 50 Mbps, and I’d be willing to pay $150 for it (with TV and phone) but it looks as though it would be cheaper to get TWO connections (totaling 70 Mbps) and TWO phone lines, and TWO cable(s?).

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