House Votes To Stop Funding NPR

Although it’s unclear whether the government will actually stop funding National Public Radio and place the public news source in jeopardy of shutting down, the U.S. House of Representatives took a step in that direction Thursday, voting to strip the organization of federal funding and forbidding radio stations from using public grants to pay NPR.

PBS relays comments from NPR’s interim CEO, Joyce Slocum:

“At a time when other news organizations are cutting back and the voices of pundits are drowning out fact-based reporting and thoughtful analysis, NPR and public radio stations are delivering in-depth news and information respectfully and with civility. It would be a tragedy for America to lose this national treasure.”

The story says the bill faces an “uphill climb” in the Senate.

Why do you think the government should or should not continue to fund NPR?

U.S. House Votes to Cut NPR Funding [PBS via Boing Boing]

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