Worst Company In America Round One: Ticketmaster Vs. PayPal

Like having to choose between a punch in the face or a kick in the gut, there are no good guys in today’s early WCIA bout!

If you don’t know why people hate Ticketmaster, you probably haven’t purchased a ticket to a sporting event or concert in recent years. Or you just like paying a good chunk of your week’s salary in service fees. Last year, Ticketmaster made it all the way through to the WCIA fight death match with Comcast before receiving a knockout punch. Could this be the fee fiend’s year?

And then there’s PayPal (and parent company eBay). If you’ve never had to deal with the customer disservice at the Double P, consider yourself lucky. Imagine if Franz Kafka wrote a book in Esperanto and then the pages were bound in random order… And then you were required to pick it up at the DMV. You’d be getting close.

In the WCIA 2010 tournament, PayPal plowed through the first two rounds until it fell at the blinged-out hands of Cash4Gold.

This poll is now closed. Congratulations to Ticketmaster!

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