Disappointed Cincinnati Bengals Season Ticket Owners Send Bill To Team Owners

After yet another massive letdown of a season by the Cincinnati Bengals, two brothers in Ohio have decided not only to not renew their season tickets but to invoice the team’s owners for past games and related expenses.

“We’ve been dedicated fans to the point that we make a six hour round trip to go to games but yet when ownership doesn’t show that they’re committed to winning it gets pretty frustrating,” one brother tells a local Fox affiliate.

The pair mocked up a detailed invoice modeled after the one they recently received from the team for their 2011 season tickets.

Reads the invoice sent to team owner Mike Brown:

Payment IN-FULL of your reimbursement of two loyal fans that you have totally destroyed their passion for their favorite NFL team is past due. All payments are non-refundable, except in the event of Mike Brown selling controlling interest in the team (so payments are pretty much non-refundable).

The letter then refers questions to the administrative offices of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“This is everything that we put into this team and what do we have to show for it? So it’s time that we got reimbursed,” explained the disgruntled fan.

According to Fox19.com, here’s how the $17,347.98 bill breaks down:

Tickets — $8,900

Tailgating, parking and merchandise — $5,580

Gas money and hotel for travel — $460

Paper bags [to cover their heads], Pepto Bismol and Excedrin — $9.98

HD TV — $2,398

However, the brothers are not asking for all the money now. The invoice lists the “Current due” as $272.00.

They also told the TV station that they are just looking for some sort of response from the team’s owners.

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