Readers Find Lost Money Using

Last week we told you about, a free non-profit site that’s a convenient portal for searching for unclaimed property state by state. Well Consumerist readers report they’re finding tons of cash under the couch cushions using it! Via comments and email, here’s what people have been hauling in:

  • mrvw’s wife is getting a $512 check from 14 years ago when she detasseled for two weeks. (Detasseling is when you take the pollen-producing flowers from the tops of corn and put them on the ground.)
  • Commenter everclear75 found $9.32 from an old bank account in college
  • 12345678nine got $150 from an old electric utility deposit
  • radleyas uncovered $4,200 for her mother
  • noramine: “Got an 11-year-old payroll check from the University of Tulsa, back when I was a resident of Indiana (out-of-state-student). $171 was really helpful.”
  • Tkriger – $120 from two HSBC savings accounts he opened years ago to get new customer bonuses, then forgot about
  • SharpTenor – $79 from “A paycheck I was too embarrassed to pick up (8 years ago) after needing to quit a seasonal UPS job.”
  • donnie5 – $44 from an old employer
  • Seth – $180 from an old insurance policy he had forgotten about. The check is now in his hands.

Woo! Money! Make sure you’re not missing out and check out your records in states you used to live in.