Millionaire Dentist Steals Navy Vet's Credit Card And Buys 2 Large Pizzas

A millionaire dentist has been charged with credit-card theft and forgery after stealing a credit card from a Navy veteran and buying two large pizzas with it, reports WTSP.

The 14-year Navy vet had dropped his card in the parking lot where his was buying supplies for his 9-year old son’s birthday party and when he got home and realized he’d lost it, he immediately called the credit card company. The bank told him that the card was being used at the pizzeria. He called the cops who descended on the pizzeria and found the dentist still waiting for his order.

The order was for two large pizzas with extra olives. The suspect had $250 in his wallet at the time of his arrest. When asked by cops if he was having money problems, the dentist who was in town to watch his son, who attends Yale, play baseball, said “absolutely not,” and that his net worth was $3-$4 million.

While dealing with the credit card theft, the Navy vet, who is a full-time student, missed his son’s birthday party.

When asked why he used the card, deputies say the dentist replied, “I picked up the card, what was I supposed to do with it?”

The sheriff’s department is trying to make it up to the boy. “Today, we are taking the son a birthday cake a day late, but still pretty cool. It’s SpongeBob,” the sheriff told WTSP.

A good story showing why you should immediately call the credit card company if you think your card has been lost or stolen.

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