Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dead Anchovies Clog California Harbor

A huge fish kill in King Harbor Marina near Redondo Beach, Calif. resulted in the water there was filled with hundreds of thousands of dead anchovies. Hours after the workers were still busy scooping out the stinky lil guys.

“We have people on docks with skimmer nets and people on boats getting them out of the water,” Debbie Talbot of the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors told ABC News. “They’ll be working well into the evening hours.”

The anchovies likely all went belly-up due to severe wind in the area on Monday night, and the rough sea might’ve caused the fish to go somewhere safe. Too many fish equals not enough oxygen in the water.

While anchovy bodies were so plentiful some boats couldn’t even get out of the harbor at certain spots. Yurgh! The fishy remains will be dumped back out at sea or sent to a landfill.

Here’s where we would make the joke about pizza toppings and what we would not like on our pie.

This Stinks: Anchovy Carcasses Fill Los Angeles Harbor [ABC News]