Pork, No Longer Just "The Other White Meat," Seeks To Inspire

After nearly a quarter century of being told that pork is the other white meat (because we all know that unicorn is actually the original white meat), the National Pork Board has pushed its tried-and-true slogan to the side in favor of the less-than-inspirational “Pork: Be Inspired.”

According to the Pork® folks, the new slogan “shows pork’s place in almost any menu, day part, cuisine and lifestyle, based on pork’s unique combination of flavor and versatility as the source of kitchen inspiration.”

“While our new target represents our biggest fans, we believe they have the potential and desire to enjoy pork more often — and to inspire others to do the same,” explains a Board executive, most likely while nom-nomming on a slab of bacon.

Meanwhile, ye olde “Other White Meat” slogan will no longer be featured in ads and will instead be relegated to “[playing] a role as a heritage brand, with use on the consumer web site and in nutrition communications.”

Translation: Don’t try to sell t-shirts with “other white meat” printed on them because we still own and use the trademark.

New National Pork Board Campaign Evolves To Celebrate Proud New Brand Identity: Pork® Be inspired

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