Botched Paperwork Delays Law Capping Gas Tax

As gas prices have continued to rise in recent weeks, the people of Suffolk County in New York must have been so happy they passed a law that would cap sales tax on gas. The regulation was supposed to have kicked in on March 1, but, well… someone goofed.

According to the Long Island Press, the paperwork was never officially filed with the state because it was “missing a sentence.”

“I regret to inform the public that due to a technical error the new law capping the gasoline sales tax when the price reaches $3 a gallon was never filed with New York State and thus cannot be implemented now, as we hoped it would be,” the Presiding Officer of the county legislature said about the gaffe.

The law, which was intended to save Suffolk drivers around $1 million a year, would have only taxed the first $3 of each gallon pumped.

Now the cap can’t go into effect until June.

“I am disappointed that a legal clerical error will cost Suffolk County residents some much needed relief at the gas pump,” said the original law’s sponsor. “Our residents expect and deserve more from the legislature’s internal operations.”

Error Stalls Suffolk Sales Gas Tax Cap [Long Island Press]

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