Coke Pulls Some Products From Shelves For "Off Taste"

Some retailers in the St. Louis area are being asked to pull a variety of Coca-Cola products off the shelves because of a “slight off taste.”


Kevin Morris, from Coca-Cola, said the taste is due to minerals in the water and there is no health concerns. Coca-Cola is not asking customers to return the product.

Morris said they are taking the products off the shelves because “Coca-Cola has a commitment to the highest quality standards.”

While the company says customers don’t need to return the drinks, a rep for Schnucks grocery stores says anyone who has cans or bottles of the withdrawn sodas (see full list below) can exchange or return them for a full refund.

Consumerist has asked Coca-Cola how widespread this issue is and will update if the company decides to actually respond.

The specific products involved have the following UPC and OTC codes:

Cherry Coke 12pk cans — UPC: 4900003103 — OTC: OCT3111SLD

Coke Classic 24pk cans –UPC: 4900001278 — OTC: OCT3111SLD

Coke Classic 20pk cans — UPC: 4900001463 — OTC: OCT3111SLA

Coke Classic 6 pk 12ox cans — UPC: 4900000634 — OTC: OCT3111SLF & OCT3111SLA

Coke Classic 12pk cans — UPC: 4900002890 —

Coke Classic 8pk 12oz bottles — UPC: 4900000548 —

Diet Coke 12pk cans — UPC: 4900002891 —

Diet Coke 2 liter bottles — UPC: 4900005010 — OTC: MAY0211SLF

Some Coke products pulled for off taste []

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