BlackBerry Messenger Coming To iPhones, Androids

It’s been a rough few years for BlackBerry diehards, who have seen their smartphone Eden gobbled away by iPhones and Android devices. BlackBerry users could always cling to one point of pride, though — the phones’ lauded and exclusive messaging system.

But BGR reports BlackBerry Messenger is going to see other people. It will be running off to Android soon, and eventually end up in the arms of the iPhone as well. BlackBerry developer Research in Motion is reportedly considering offering the service for free on its rivals’ systems. The company is also said to be considering one-time fees or ongoing subscriptions for the service.

If you’re a fan of BlackBerry Messenger, what do you think of the development, and how much would you pay to be able to access it on heathen smartphones?

Exclusive: BlackBerry Messenger will launch on Android and iOS [BGR]

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