Accused Puppy-Mailer Wants Dog Back

The woman who tried to ship a four-month-old puppy from Minneapolis to Atlanta in an airless box using Priority Mail earlier this week reportedly would like the dog back. Will her request be granted, or will the puppy be made available to the numerous people all over the country who actually know how to keep an animal alive and have inquired about adopting him?

This doesn’t happen often. The local animal control manager told the Star-Tribune, “In the four years that I’ve been here, we never had a person appeal after an animal was impounded because of animal cruelty.” The dog’s fate will be decided at an administrative hearing on Monday.

The 39-year-old was charged with animal cruelty after postal workers discovered an Atlanta-bound Priority Mail box making noises and trying to move around the post office on its own.

Doggone it, woman who tried to mail puppy wants him back [Star-Tribune] (Thanks, Burrrr!)

Woman Charged With Animal Cruelty For Mailing Live Puppy

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