DirecTV Raises "Locked In" Rate

Brance writes in that he signed up with DirecTV who was advertising a rate that was “locked in” for 12 months. 3 months later, he noticed that his bill had gone up $10. When he called DirecTV to complain, the supervisor told him it didn’t matter, they still reserve the right to raise rates when they want. “In the world I grew up in, “locked in” means it will not change,” writes Brance. Well now we live in a world where every promise comes with an asterisk.

“No matter how much logical reasoning I tried with these people it was like they were reading a script and would NOT listen to me. I even tried to get out of my contract… of course they won’t let you do that,” writes Brance. “To me this is a blatant abuse of good customer relations. I am severely disappointed in DirecTV. So, now I’m stuck paying $10 a month…which in itself wouldn’t be that big a deal but when someone makes you a promise it should be the exact way they promise you. I find it funny they run so many ads about referring friends to them. Why would a customer refer anyone they like to a company that pulls cheap tricks like this with their customers?”

Indeed. Maybe it’s the ol “refer an enemy” promotion?

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