KFC Customer Gets Money Bag Instead Of Drive-Thru Order

All those morons sitting in jail right now because they got caught trying to rob a fast food joint are going to feel silly when they hear about the guy in Kansas who drove off with a bag full of KFC’s cash when all he wanted was some fried chicken.

Apparently, one KFC employee put the cash for a bank deposit into a bag, which was then accidentally grabbed by another worker and given to the 21-year-old customer.

It wasn’t until the man got back to his house that he noticed he’d gotten the wrong order.

Realizing the error, the customer called the local police. He was on his way back to the KFC with an officer when a dispatcher let them known that the KFC had just called in the gaffe.

“Thank you to this 21-year-old man for showing us this great example of honesty and doing the right thing,” the Overland Park police chief said.

No word on whether or not the young man ever got his order, or if he decided to try his luck at Popeyes.

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